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We enrich education by elevating recruitment and talent management, ensuring quality and meaningful connections remain at the heart of every hire.

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WorkTogether Talent Consulting is a talent advisor and workforce solutions firm in the education sector specializing in roles outside the classroom that span policy, curriculum, teacher support, technology, data management, finance, operations, fundraising, and more. 

We partner with a variety of education organizations including school districts, charter schools, education nonprofits, state education agencies, philanthropic entities, support organizations, edtech companies, and beyond.

How We Help Education Organizations

Hire mission-driven leaders

Full Cycle Hiring:
From interim to full-time roles, board members to project-based leaders, we work with you to source, select and hire the candidate who will propel your important work forward.

Recruitment Campaigns:
We design and execute large-scale sourcing initiatives for projects that require multiple hires.

TrulyHired Job Board:
We provide the nation’s only job board exclusively dedicated to the educational equity sector.

Customized Hiring Solutions:
Whether it’s providing design support for your recruitment process, offering expert assistance during interviews, or crafting specialized strategies for candidate engagement, we’re dedicated to addressing your specific needs.

Equip talent teams

Interim Talent Leaders:
When senior-level talent leaders transition, we deploy our seasoned professionals to ensure there is no gap in leadership or strategic direction setting.

Fractional Staffing for Talent Teams:
We provide flexible, part-time staffing solutions to meet your talent team’s evolving needs during periods of high demand or expansion.

When difficult workforce reductions become unavoidable, we bolster your talent team’s capacity by providing outgoing team members personalized career coaching and support.

Enhance Your People Practices

Equitable Compensation and Growth Pathways:
From audits to talent competencies, and competitor analysis work to retention plans, we position your organization and people for equitable growth.

Organizational Design:
As organizations grow and react to externalities, we are there to help our partners navigate through strategic restructuring.

Training and Support:
We enhance team dynamics and performance through effective talent management, coaching, and personalized development strategies, ensuring each team member is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for both individual and collective success.

How We Help Education Talent

Personalized Career Coaching

From 1:1 options to full networks, we foster and nurture your professional development through tailored coaching opportunities.

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Tech-enhanced Career Matching

Distinct from our job board, we offer a sophisticated, profile-driven matching service, leveraging advanced algorithms to align your unique skills and aspirations with the specific needs of our clients in the education sector.

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Specialized Job Board

Whether you’re seeking your first role or looking to advance your career, we provide your gateway to a meaningful vocation in education through TrulyHired, the nation’s only job board exclusively dedicated to the educational equity sector.

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Set up a free talent consultation with our team of workforce experts to explore how we can help your organization.

We believe in making talent search solutions more accessible. Download our service guide for more details and see which service best meets your needs.

Purposeful Education Recruitment Since 2015

We have been contributing to systemic change in the education sector since 2015. We are keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities that surround education organizations – that equips us to help you build your dream team. We are more than just a talent acquisition firm – we champion equity, nurture growth, and drive greater fulfillment for recruiters and job seekers.

Career Coaching & Matching

We keep a finger on the pulse of skilled professionals across the sector and offer dedicated career support and coaching to individuals who may be job-seeking now or in the future. Resume building, interview preparation, and tech-enabled job search guidance help to break down long-standing employment barriers. We’re ready to help you land your dream job–sign up today to get started.

Our Approach

We believe in cultivating true partnership. We deliver trusted services that help teams develop inclusive and impactful talent strategies and help job seekers feel empowered as they navigate their careers.

“The team is responsive, open to custom solutions, proactive and professional.”

Norma Nelson,
President & CEO of Readers 2 Leaders

“WorkTogether made finding my dream job an easy and streamlined process.”

Roberto, Director of Student Information Services
South Carolina Public Charter School District

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We are dedicated to transforming the teams who, in turn, transform education.

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Introducing WorkTogether! Formerly WorkMonger, we're now WorkTogether Talent Consulting. We remain dedicated to transformative change within the education sector as a talent advisor and workforce solutions firm. Explore our new look and services!